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Valk Game (ValkAPF)

Developed initially as a remake of my second year project, and currently on the third total project iteration.

This currently untitled project is an experimental platformer / combat hybrid featuring a small telekinetic character.

Using a mixture of projectile, melee and special attacks, the aim is to create a fast-paced platforming experience that addresses the common complains of PS2-era platforming games featuring clunky or pace-breaking combat systems.

The key aspects of design for this iteration of the project are:

  • The character should control smoothly and quickly, with minimal stop & start unless in service to the movement at large.

  • Any combat actions should have dual function as either a platforming or puzzle solving tool, ideally as both.

  • Enemies should be not only an obstacle, but a tool that can be used to aid platforming.

  • Player's should be encouraged to find their own path through the level, and be rewarded for such.

The project is still in a conceptual phase, primarily with experimentation of combat mechanics and level design that can accommodate such a mobile character, but a promising gameplay loop appears to be forming.

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