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During my third year of education at the University of Huddersfield, I had the opportunity to work in the in-house games development placement, Canalside Studios.

Formed into a team of eight students, we spent the year developing a 3D adventure platformer later named Mira's Tale.

Utilizing my skills and experience in Unreal 4's Blueprinting system, I essentially acted as a second programmer, implementing a number of character functions and developing utility objects and tools for usage by the level designers and environment artists in order to construct and populate the levels in the game.

Alongside this, I was the primary character rigger and animator, making usage of 3DS Max's CAT rig system to produce skeletons and skinning meshes provided by the character artists.

Mira's Tale is currently in the final development stages and will be released on Steam soon.

Mira's Tale

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