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Developed as part of a Final Year Dissertation, Bolt Game is a short playable prototype aiming to successfully combine character mobility and combat with accommodating level designs and structures.

Taking gameplay inspirations from Devil May Cry, Mirror's Edge and graphical aspects from The Unfinished Swan and Superhot, the project's initial build featured a short level demonstrating:

  • Horizontal and vertical wall-running systems

  • A basic combo stringing system utilizing instanced attack configurations

  • Enemies that react to attacks and the environment

  • An adaptable level structure featuring explorative gated areas with a "search and destroy" objective as the core means of progression.

Originally produced in Unreal Engine 4 and coded exclusively in blueprint, with fully self-made assets.


The project has since been ported to Unreal Engine 5 and is actively being developed further into a more expansive and "game worthy" product.

Bolt Game

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