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Developed as a Final Year Team Project with seven other students and with music/sfx provided by two external contributors, BBBFAD is an Unreal 4 cooperative top-down twin-stick wave survival shooter.

Fulfilling similar roles to that of Mira's Tale, I utilized Blueprinting extensively as a gameplay programmer and used 3DS Max's CAT Rigs for rigging, skinning and animation. Particular aspects of contribution included:

  • Most of the non-C++ gameplay actions (sprinting, diving, melee, health, weapon projectiles)

  • Enemy attacking and damage reactions

  • 2D/3D UI programming / animations (HUD, Chaos/Character select cards)

  • Character & Enemy rigs/skinning/animations

  • Small amounts of clutter props

  • "Boss Fight" Chaos card 2D art (later touched up by primary artist)

The game was entered into Games Republic Student Showcase and won three awards:

  • Gold in Sumo Digital Award for Game Design

  • Gold in Rebellion North Award for Art and Animation

  • Joint-Bronze in Rockstar Leeds Award for Best Team

Big Bad Bunnies From Another Dimension

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