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Developed as a Final Year Computer Games Studio 3 project, EZRGS is a user friendly Unreal 4 plugin, providing a configurable Blueprint rail grinding system for a multitude of purposes, featuring:

  • Attaching to rails via proximity (with optional input-based connecting)

  • Movement speed and direction based on initial approach parameters

  • Momentum based on slope gradient, configurable on a per-rail basis

  • Hopping and crouching for obstacle avoidance

  • Configurable spline-based rails with optional mesh generation for easy rail creation

  • A drag-and-drop actor component structure for maximum ease-of-use

  • As much external accessibility as was possible without sacrificing adaptability

Alongside this, a short demo was created to demonstrate and test all the mechanics with an animated character. This featured a single short level showing off each aspect of the system with a simple Dreamcast-inspired alligator character.

This plugin has been used since as a basis for multiple ongoing projects that feature rail grinding, most notably, BoltGame and ValkAPF

The plugin is freely available for download below (Compiled for UE4.22, but appears to work fine in current versions of Unreal Engine 5).

Easy Rail Grind System

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